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Chemical Immersion Heating Elements

Product Name : Chemical Immersion Heaters

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Discription :

We offer an advanced version of special quality ChemicaI Immersion Heaters made out of chrome Nickle Steel tube. These heaters are of Three Types.

1. Alkaline Immersion Heaters

These are used for most alkaline cleaning solutions normally corrosive to mild steel.

2. Lead Covered Immersion Heaters

Lead Covered immersion heaters are recommended for nickle, copper or chrome plating baths and sulphuric acid solution having not more than 10% concentration.

3.Titanium Heaters

Chemical heaters are made of Titanium tube offering excellent corrosion resistance for most plating solutions. Our customized heaters are made with supreme quality raw material and goes through strict quality testing before procurement available for use at reasonable prices.

Specification of Alkaline & Lead Immersion Heaters.

  • Watts
  • 2000
  • 3000
  • Voltage
  • 230
  • 230
  • Total Depth of Immersion (mm)
  • 525 mm
  • 685 mm
  • Effective Length
  • 335 mm
  • 385 mm